Lo, What Rock Through Yonder Window Breaks

One of the things I truly enjoy about living in Seattle is how open and welcoming everyone is. Seems that at any time, day or night, a Seattleite may see fit to introduce him- or herself in a truly memorable way. Whether it's littering, urinating (er, fertilizing?), admiring the yard so much they just have to take stuff home with them, leaving their car in the middle of the street, spontaneously adjusting our wheel alignment and front quarter panel, leaving unexpected gifts and compostable materials, letting me do their can and bottle recycling, or helping themselves to what are obviously things free for the taking, Seattle residents never lack for creative ways to say hello and make you feel like you're part of the community.

Here was yesterday's fun-filled contribution!


Hey, look: a rock in the middle of the living room and shattered glass everywhere. Thoughtful!

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