In a Nutshell

Free range troublemaker, tinkerer, axe-grinder, noise-maker, pedestrian, and holder of many email addresses.


Owner and operator of Actual Consulting, specializing in Web, Mac, and iOS Web development. We also do Internet tools, scripting, QA & testing, and host selected Internet services.

Musician & composer. Currently playing with selected Seattle-area projects; also commercials, television, film, albums, online media, and session work.

Freelance writer & editor; news and analysis, technical materials, documentation, fiction, screenplays, and general interest articles.

Regular contributor to Digital Trends. Editor at Large for TidBITS, the long-running free online Macintosh newsletter.

From whence

I live in Seattle, Washington. Traffic is awful, parking is worse, and, yes, it rains all the time and in the winter it gets dark early. So you don't want to move here.

I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, where kitsch meets asphalt. I went to school in Ohio.

I Am Not…

There are many Geoff Duncans out there, and even a few in Seattle area. Among the people who are not me:

…but I'm sure these folks and others have been delighted by searching the Internet and finding me. Sorry ’bout that.