Waiting for Good Sun

Autumn is starting to come upon us. Mornings are chillier, the first leaves are turning color and falling from the enormous maple out front (their brethren will soon serve as my aerobic workout for a few weeks), school is back in session, and…

Pugsley and Abhi wait for the sunshine
Pugsley and Abhi wait for sunshine
to creep onto the bed.

…the cats are scoping out their puddles of sunshine.

Over the last few afternoons, they've taken to congregating in the bedroom around the time direct sunlight pours in the west-facing windows and onto the bed. At first it was just the boys—Pugsley and Abhi. They'd arrive about twenty minutes before the show, settle into their spots, and prepare for their afternoon spa-and-nap treatment.

I thought this new behavior would be a boys-only thing, since Wednesday doesn't normally tolerate the proximity of the "new" kitty Abhi. (I mean, it's only been three years: you can't expect her to give any ground in so little time!) So imagine my surprise yesterday to find all three sprawled across the duvet cover. Of course, it didn't last: as soon as the sun moved across the bed (and Abhi made the mistake of looking at Wednesday directly) growl, hiss, harumph, and Wednesday was off to her private abode in the yellow room.

All three!
Wednesday enjoys the sun, Abhi licks his nose, and Pugsley…
yawns for the camera.

But you can't say it didn't happen—I have proof!

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