Banks really really suck

Surely at some point I've mentioned how banks suck?

One of my banks sent me 1099 forms back in February. These report on distributions, disbursements, and taxable interest so that, in April, I would be prepared to fork over a substantial portion of my income to the Feds. Except that two of the 1099s were incorrect: one was for an account which didn't belong to me and which, so far as I can tell, never existed, and the other overstated monies paid to me by a few thousand dollars. I immediately called the bank, explained the situation, and asked the bank to correct the 1099s, not wanting the IRS thinking a substantial amount of fictional money was in my pockets. They said they'd get right on it.

But nothing happened. So I called the bank again in early March, explained the whole thing again, and asked to get the 1099s corrected. They assured me they'd get right on it. A few weeks later a "researcher" called to see if she had the story straight before she got started. I explained the whole thing again. Nothing happened.

In early April, I called the bank again, explained the situation, was "escalated" to a supervisor and then someone at the "executive level." I explained the situation three more times. They assured me they'd get right on it. Nothing happened. I called again April 11; they escalated me to the "executive level" one more time and said they'd get right on it.

On April 15, someone at the "executive level" leaves me a voicemail message in the wee hours of the AM saying corrected 1099s have been issued, and the bank apologized for the inconvenience. They don't mention what the amounts on the new 1099s will be; guess I just have to wait for them to show up. Attempting to return the call resulted in a voicemail loop. I was able to leave a message for the caller by going back through the front door of their phone system, but that message has yet to be returned.

But then, what happens? The bank took the exact amount of the 1099 corrections - mind you, this is money I never had, they never paid me, and which so far as I can tell never existed - out of my primary checking account and moved it... somewhere? No one knows where. It's just gone. Yes: the bank went in and, with no notice, authorization, permission, or cause, stole my money.

Surely at some point I've mentioned how banks suck?

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