Spamming Stitch-u-ation

Folks who know me know I don't go for clothing bearing words, logos, visible labels—or, really, anything figurative. Nothing against folks who enjoy it, but I've never personally felt an urge to wear a logo, promote a company's products (whether or not I like the product or company), or wear clothes with pictures, phrases, words, figures, or images which invite people stare at me (or at least look hard at me) in an to decipher them. Of course, part of the point this sort of clothing is that people (at least some people) will try to decipher them, thus look hard at the wearer, thus pay attention to the wearer, and some people like that attention. Me, it just gives be the queebs.

But today I saw a maybe-neighbor with a bookbag or laptop bag or messenger bag at the mailbox. In tiny stitching across the top of the flap it read:

If you can read this, you've been spammed.

...followed by a small, colorful line drawing of laughing face, kinda like an emoticon trying to give someone a raspberry.

Damn, I hate it when these things grab my attention.

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