Big Blow

After record-setting precipitation in November, the Puget Sound area has now been hit with a series of major storms: wind, then sudden rain followed immediately by much stronger winds. As of this writing almost a million homes are without power; some areas aren't expected to have electricity restored for nine to fourteen days.

I think this may be the first wind storm which made me feel guilty. The winds earlier in the week came from the west, buffeting the least-protected side of the house and making me concerned for the 80-year-old windows, and keeping an eye out for hazards like flying branches, debris, and the looming cedar next door.

But the big blow came through here from the south; as a consequence, the house was partially sheltered by an apartment building across the street. Although the winds huffed and puffed—and I was a little worried about limbs from the big leave maple out front—the noise was the worst of it. In the morning, I found several shingles blown loose, several small branches off the maple, and a mystery storm window from who-knows-where (across the street?) along the west side of the house. Oh, and a trellis had blown over. Despite lots of fluttering, the power stayed on—although the next block over looks to have lost electricity, and its still not restored.

All I can think of is the number of friends—and a million or so other people and pets—huddled around fireplaces, wrapped in blankets, or chucking the whole thing to look for available hotel rooms—having no idea when service might be restored. And grateful that the damage wasn't any worse in human terms.

What a great way to end the year.

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