Der Gropenführer

Ah, yes. Ah-nult. Only in America is something like this possible... and perhaps a few other countries with low literacy rates.

It occurred to me that Governor Schwarzenegger may put people I know out of work. Being in the movie biz, he'll probably take some action to deter "runaway production" of television and movies to cheaper locales in Canada - it's about a $1 billion industry in Vancouver, and perhaps $3 billion when you roll in Toronto, Montreal, et al. After all, he ponied up something like $8 million of his own money to film Terminator 3 in California rather than Vancouver. And when the folks I know in Canada lose work, I lose work too, since I tend to feed a bit off a few table scraps of the B.C. film industry.

But I don't think his Hummers will fit in the garage at the governor's mansion. I sense some renovations are in store, which will create jobs for perhaps half a dozen hard-working California contractors.