Scumbag Producers

Let it Be Knowne throughout The Land, from This Pointe Forward, that Those Scoundrels Who Purporte Themselves to be Gentlemen of High Regard and Utmost Honor and Who also, Truthe Be Tolde, Could Not produce Musicke from the Drums if Trained Monkeyes were to Emerge Airborne from their Nameless Posterior Regions, are Cankerous Fooles, Unworthy of Thought, Consideration, Charity, Hospitality, Absolution, or, indeed, of Any of Thinges which are Fine in Life. Put simply, They Be Thieves, and Satisfaction will be Mine.

Yeah, you read it right, dipshits. I see your faces again, I'm taking them with me when I leave.

(And to other readers, if you don't know who I might be referring to above, don't worry, it ain't you.)