Gigs - Yes, Gigs!

Yeah yeah—those of you who've known me for a few years probably remember when I swore off live performance. Enough of hauling gear, long road trips, clothes forever smelling like stale beer and cigarette smoke, having a near heart attack every time a case tumbled out the back of a van. I figured the life of a session rat was better for me: still some hauling of gear, but fewer trips, heart palpitations, or lingering odors.

But—surprise! I'm putting at least one foot back on the live musical stage, handling bass with Jeffrey Alan. We played the KISS stage at the Bite of Seattle in July and the band rose to the occasion. Couple shows coming up:

Upcoming Shows with Jeffrey Alan
September 2, 2005 8:30 PM
Semi-acoustic set
  O Lounge, Seattle WA
2208 Queen Anne Ave. N. (Google Maps)
September 9, 2005 10:00 PM
Full band set
  The High Dive, Seattle WA
513 N 36th Street (Google Maps)
with Banned from the Mall and Adam Hood

Those of you who know me figure there's probably a reason I'm gigging again. It's simple: Jeffrey Alan is the real deal. He's got an outstanding voice, strong presence, plus melodic pop tunes which set up housekeeping in your head. Jeffrey had some success with his previous Seattle-area band Abbotfinney (catching significant notices and radio airplay), and now he's stepping out with new material and a whole lot of energy. He gets compared to John Mayer, Dave Matthews, and Train's Pat Monahan, with songwriting like Rob Thomas or Third Eye Blind. Those ideas are on the right track, but not parallel: Jeffrey's not a clone. He writes all his own material and isn't walking in anyone's footsteps. Sample tracks are available over at—I didn't play on them, but check'em out anyway!

For me, the project is a ton of fun, but also a serious challenge. For years I've been a hired gun who only has to be consistent while the red RECORD light is on, and the only people I have to make happy are artists or producers, many of whom I've never met because they're in another state or (sometimes) another country. Laying down the foundation for a live, organic band is a kick in the pants. And these folks are close enough to hit me upside the head when I need it!

So, if you get a chance, it'd be great if you turned out for a show! I'll be posting future dates here as they're confirmed, and some of you will be hearing from me via email. Thanks!