Can't Stand the Heat?

A scant few days ago, the Seattle area was dealing with a bit of snow, lots of ice, and a long cold snap. (OK, other areas would consider a Seattle "cold snap" a minor chill.) I very specifically remember an ice storm this past Saturday; I also remember nearly falling on my kiester several times going to and from the mailbox, and playing slip-and-slide on the local driveways and thoroughfares, trying to avoid being sideswiped by ignorant jackasses in their 4×4 SUVs. (Hint: four-wheel drive doesn't help much on ice.)

Yesterday we had lots of rain, and a record high of 60°F. Pretty much every local river is above flood stage, rural roads and towns are being flooded out. Today the weather service says it'll be 63°F; it's just past 9 AM and it's already 59°F out on my patio.

I have every room opened up to get in some fresh air. Yes, it's January. The heart of winter.

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