Steak Your Holidays On It

Since I'm not an active participant in "The Holiday Season," I'm not particularly qualified to dissemble about it with any authority.

Nonetheless, it seems to me the notion of holiday gift-giving is predicated upon the item(s) given being appropriate, useful, and/or appreciated by the recipient. Now, I understand that it's not always easy to make these kinds of gift selections, and so things like gift cards, certificates, and store credits—while perhaps not being ideal—at least manage to convey the holiday sentiment without risk of unwanted duplication, awkwardness, or offense. And retailers love them because folks usually spend more than the gift card value, if they show up at all. For merchants, gift cards are like printing free money.

Oh look, I've digressed.

So I've been a vegetarian for some eighteen years. Thus, I'm assuming the holiday gift card for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse which someone (you know who you are!) sent me is for the humor value. You know, like giving a pro linebacker a sports bra! Ha ha! Good one!

But, gosh. It's sure an awfully expensive joke. And you're already out money for this, right?

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