The Nadering Hordes

Years ago, Don Henley wrote a song in E minor which had a line about having seeing a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac. At the time (early 80s) it was a somewhat novel sight.

So Saturday I'm on my way into Seattle on the I-90 floating bridge, and I see one of those Hummer H2 monstrosity vehicles in front of me. It's silver, immaculate (yeah, I bet it gets taken offroad all the time!) with those no-doubt-expensive wheel rims which slowly spin backwards. My windows are rolled up and there's a fair bit of road noise, but I can hear a steady bum bum da bum-bum from its subwoofers.

And that's when I saw the Ralph Nader sticker in its back window.

OK, yes, the owners are likely the sort of Republicans who sent money to the Nader campaign in an effort to siphon votes away from the Democratic candidate. But at least they're Republicans with a sense of humor.

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