Cary Lu

Phil Russell[hidden]

One of the first books I read on the Macintosh was by Cary Lu. I do not remember large parts of the book today, but prediction he made stood out for me and I repeated it in print in my columns in Mouse Droppings, a MUG news magazine, at least a couple of times a year.

That means I quoted Cary at least 25 times on this one prediction. What was the prediction? It was where he said that the average destktop computer would have 100 megs of memory by the year 2000.

At computer memory edged upward over the years since he wrote that, I kept reminding my readers of Cary's prediction. As the years passed by the prediction became more and more plausible.

Here it is in 1998, and I just purchased my G3 with 128 megs of memory installed and with more VRAM (6 megs) than I had system memory in my Macintoshes for several years. Cary's prediction is coming true at a rapid pace.

This is but a small way to indicate that Cary Lu was a visionary. Now, in the book to be published after his death on bandwidth, I know that the world will once again be introduced to an important thinker of our times.

Cary Lu, we salute you.

Phil Russell