Cary Lu

David Rygmyr[hidden]

I had the pleasure of working with Cary on several book projects with Microsoft Press, and of getting to know him. Of all the authors I've worked with over the years, Cary was absolutely one of the brightest and most pleasant. To call him smart would be a severe understatement. Cary had an absolutely passion for technology, and he never let up on that. In fact, there were times when it would drive us nearly crazy: Just has we would be putting the finishing touches on a chapter, Cary would hear of some new program or utility and would race off to explore it, meanwhile asking us to hold off on the chapter "just in case." This happened quite often, and after a while we came to expect it. Best of all, we were able to laugh about it. Although long out of print, Cary's book "The Apple Macintosh Book" remains one of the best computer books ever published. It caused quite a stir when it was introduced, and it is an absolute pillar of Microsoft Press' reputation for quality and excellence. We were all very proud of that book, and of the opportunity to work with Cary. We will miss him!