Cary Lu

Paul Mullen[hidden]

What a shame. Of course, I didn't know Cary personally, but feel a sense of loss nonetheless. I bought my first Mac (my first computer actually) in May 1995, and one of my first online experiences was reading an article of Cary's defending the Mac platformn (indeed, asserting its superiority). I read with delight as he put forth so eloquently and objectively the same reasons I had chosen the Mac over a PC. I'll never forget his line that went something to the effect of, "In the computing industry, 'more like a Macintosh' is almost always considered high praise. 'More like Windows' is seldom considered a compliment." In some small way, his article made feel immediately at home on the net, newbie that I was. It was sort of like running into a kindred spirit out in a jungle of strangers. From that point on, I always took the time tor read any of his writings that I came across in my travels.

Thanks, Cary. The Mac community will miss you.