Cary Lu

Ruben Munoz[hidden]

I feel like I have just met Cary Lu tonight. I spend the last 2 hours reading everyones comments about Cary and feel deeply sad. I never met Cary or knew that I had read any of his articles untill just now when I went looking at articles that I read before buying my PowerBook. I ran across the story Adam Engst wrote in TidBits and felt compelled to know more about Cary. I now feel inspired by the actions of Cary and his life's work. I felt like I had to say something, even though my only knowledge of Cary is through the comments people have left on this site. The unselfish friendship he demonstrated to everyone he met is something we all need to learn from and I will try to follow. I will also try to think of what Cary would have said before I buy the fastest, biggest Mac.

My prayer are with him and his family.