Cary Lu

Rick Sutcliffe[hidden]

I did not know Cary Lu "in the flesh", though like many of the old crocs in computing, my eyes crossed his name, his answers, and his byline many many times over the years, and like them I have benefited from his wisdom and his insights on numerous occasions.

I can add little to what many others have already said, so this is a special word for Meredith and Nathaniel, and I believe in saying this I speak for many others who will agree. When you need help don't hesitate to write and ask. It is not just that your father's name will open doors in this community, but it is that this is a community partly because people like him have made it so.

Indeed, for his sake and all that he has done for others, I urge you, and everone else reading this, to share of yourself in both asking and in answering. The best memorial we can give to Cary Lu is to be people who also are willing to take the time to build community, giving of ourselves to strengthen others.

Philippians 2:2-11