Cary Lu

Patrick Rafter[hidden]

With Cary's very untimely death and the near-demise of Apple Computer, I am struck by the sad parallel of these two realities. Two alchemists who revolutionized computing by converting the raw material of bits and bytes into personal computing gold.

A decade ago (as I traipsed all over the US, evangelizing PageMaker), those happy few of us who really understood that a computer could be more than phosphor and punch cards--found great inspiration, guidance and useful information in every column Cary Lu wrote. Cary made complex technology approachable, and forced the creation of people-friendlier personal computers and software. Better than anyone else I can think of, Cary took complicated engineering material and turned it into plain English for everyday folks by converting the impossible to understand into the meaningful.

Cary, we will miss your gift for expression, wit and humor.