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Cory Biggerstaff[hidden]

a message for cary's children:

Hello, my name is Cory Biggerstaff. I am 16 years old and I go to Juanita High school in Kirkland, WA. Over the summer, my father died unexpectedly and I have been left with a lot of things to deal with, including a change of family roles. Being that I have a sister of 8 and mother of 47, I have been forced to grow up very quickly, and learn to deal with a new outlook on life. Losing someone this close to you makes you realize just how small a barrier there is between life and death. Most people live under the false perception that death is far down the road, and never needing to worry about it. The next time you become angry with someone you love, make sure you don't stay angry at them for very long. My father was the healthiest man I ever knew, and there is not a single individual that I know of that lived as healthy of a life as he did. I am blessed with the luxury of not being angry at him at the time of his death. If you ever feel like talking about your loss, please don't hesistate to call me or e-mail me, as I need people who are in the same situation that I am in to talk to as well. I wish you strength and courage through this hard, hard time.