Cary Lu

Kenneth T. Lim[hidden]

I can't honestly say that I knew Cary well...I think I first knew of him as editor of High Technology magazine way back from the first issue. (I still have all my old issues!) As the founding Analyst for the PC service at Dataquest, he often called me for insights and quotes on the latest PC technology. Then I started running into him at conferences and trade shows. We were on a few panels together, too.

I think I've spent a total of 20 hours on the phone with him and maybe 10 in person. But you know what? That was really QUALITY time! I always enjoyed Cary... his intellect, persuasiveness, wry commentary, humor, and incredible breadth of knowledge were always delightful. He was the fairest, most in-depth, thorough, honest journalist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We were so much alike in our analyses of various industry events that I once joked to him that "if you can't get a hold of me at Dataquest before a deadline, just make something up and attach my name!" There is no one else on this planet I would ever say that to....