Cary Lu

Bruce V. Lewenstein[hidden]

One of Cary's strengths was that he wasn't just a Mac person. I met him a few years ago, when he joined the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Committee on Public Understanding of Science. We immediately found friends and former employers in common, and shared stories about working for Bernie Goldhirsh (his boss at High Technology and Inc.). It was so exciting to find someone who cared so deeply, in so many ways, about science and the public--and who had devoted such a large part of his career to helping people know more about science.

What I also remember is that Cary's interest wasn't simply "academic." We spent a long evening talking about our own kids, who are about the same age. He was especially proud that his kids were learning to be as critical of technology as he was, and yet also to enjoy the benefits as much as he did. I'm sorry that we lived a continent apart and so never had the chance to get our families together.