Cary Lu

Anita Epler[hidden]

I had the distinct honor of working (along with Cary's longtime editor and friend, Cathy Abes) with Cary on what I presume to be his last article, a review of the PowerBook 2400c in the November issue of Macworld. All of us here at Macworld knew that Cary was gravely ill, but respected his desire to continue working as long as he could. Despite his condition -- and problems with the PowerBook evaulation unit that required him to troubleshoot hardware, cajole product managers, and finesse deadline issues -- he managed to turn in a solid, stellar review.

Soon after the bulk of the writing was done, Cary was taken to the hospital. As he was leaving home for the last time, he called Cathy to turn in some last-minute changes to the story; as always, the consummate professional interested in getting the most timely, accurate information into the hands of his readers.

Macworld (and all of us here) won't be the same without him.