Cary Lu

Dan Litov[hidden]

To those who remember Cary Lu:

It's strange. I've never actually met Cary. However, I've read his columns in MacWorld, always seeing his picture at the beginning of his column ever since he had begun contributing to MacWorld, a long long time ago (I've been reading MacWorld since 1985). His writing is strongly connected with my fondness for the Mac and the Mac community. His writings were always lucid, clear and insightful. I always felt a certain comfort seeing his name and face every month, informing me about the latest Mac technology.

I feel that I have lost a close member of the Mac community who has been there from early on. When I heard he had died, I really felt sad, and a loss for someone who helped me enjoy my Mac for so many years. A familiar face and "voice," now silent. I will sorely miss him and his writings.

Thanks Cary. Take care, where ever you are.