Cary Lu

Stephen Kurtin[hidden]

Cary and I met thirty years ago at Caltech, where we were both graduate students. At that time he was pursuing research into the neurological basis of vision and, on the side, inferring the likely visual defects of the world's great painters - the former in the character of Caltech; the latter not.

Although our primary interests were rather different, we became lasting friends. Over the years there were many memorable times: from a preview of his first raisin-animation films for my then-target-age kids, to discussions of the latest high fidelity technology. My involvement with personal computers grew from his. We both purchased early Heath/Zenith 8080-based PCs and fought the unending problems together (mostly via long distance, to the substantive benefit of AT&T). Although I never owned a Mac, I treasure an autographed first edition of The Apple Macintosh Book.

Cary was unique. He was also thoughtful, knowledgeable, and kind. I shall miss him deeply.