Cary Lu

Karen Meredith[hidden]

In early 1984 I was recruited from a publishing house in New York to come to Bellevue to do publicity for the newly-founded Microsoft Press.

Our first book was The Apple Macintosh Book and boy, was Cary Lu a breath of fresh air! He was so unlike the spoiled authors I was used to working with. He was gracious, easily-pleased, funny and searingly brilliant. He was very patient with his computer-neophyte publicist; his gift for explaining technology helped me time and time again. He gave me an understanding of the technology challenges that Apple faced during the 80s and was the first person ever to talk to me about the great promise of the coming technology of CD ROMs.

In his journalist/author role Cary, had absolute integrity. He was the least fazed or influenced by the perks of being an industry insider than anyone I've ever known. If he didn't think a product quite lived up to its billing, he wasn't afraid to say so--in a carefully reasoned, matter-of-fact way.

On a personal note, I'll never forget his joy when he talked to me about becoming a father.

I can still see his smile.