Cary Lu

Marianne Moon[hidden]

I was hired as proofreading supervisor at Microsoft Press in 1984, and Cary Lu's first Mac book was one of my first jobs. His crystal-clear writing made my job easier than I thought it would be, given that I knew almost nothing about computers-Mac or PC-at the time. I left Microsoft Press in 1986, and have since learned enough to co-author some computer books myself. I didn't see Cary again until just a few months ago at a Microsoft Press party. He didn't look well, and although I wanted to talk to him, I felt shy. I was sure that he'd never remember me-proofreading isn't the most visible of jobs in the publishing world-but he walked over to talk to me. Somehow or other, he remembered my name, shook my hand, and thanked me again for my work. I didn't know him at all, but I think he must have been a very dear person, and I'm honored that he remembered me and that I contributed in a very small way to his work.