Cary Lu

Dave Edwards[hidden]

In February 1985, I was thinking about buying a computer. Specifically - a funny little thing called a Macintosh. It was a big decision, so I decided to pick up a book on the subject - by Cary Lu!

By the time I'd finished the last page, I was 'sold' and a week later, proudly carried home my first Mac - the original 128k model with 400k floppy, MS Multiplan and Imagewriter.

At the time, I had a junior management job at a paint manufacturer. Within six months, I moved on, joining a small Mac peripherals developer (DataSpace) as sales manager. The rest is history - since then I've done everything - from build a dealer network for SuperMac's first color display products to design and install a continent-wide AppleTalk network. Over thirteen years later, I'm still a committed Macintosh 'nut' - all because of a book I bought one cold winter's day that incited me to 'think different'.

I must confess I'd forgotten all this - until today. By chance, I stumbled upon a page describing a book called "About Bandwidth". That's when I learned of Cary's departure almost to the day one year ago. Therefore, belatedly, I take this chance to express my thanks to Cary for writing that book way back in the mid 80's.

Dave Edwards
Mac Consultant