Cary Lu

Joan Uglow[hidden]

My name is Joan Uglow and I live in Ontario, Canada and when I first met Cary I was married to Allan Stone who was a friend of Cary's from California. We were living in Toronto when Cary visited on his way to Boston. There he showed, on our dining room wall, a great little film about nematodes. Since then we often visited him in Watertown where I learned many things when I didn't realise was learning them; how to take photographs, Chinese cooking, how to properly sharpen a carving knife [to this day I always think of Cary before I slice anything].

Cary touched many lives and we are all the richer for it. He will always be remembered in his books, films, and in the hearts of his multitude of friends.

Thank you for the opportunity to add my thoughts to your web site.

Joan Uglow