Cary Lu

Deborah Hirt Lajiness[hidden]

Unlike most friends who contributed, I did not know Cary through his knowledge of computers. I met Cary, while working with Ellen at Parkplace Book Co. He brought Meredith in, who was about two years old then (Meredith, you were so cute!!!). My first impression of him was that he was a genuine person who loved his family and shared interesting bits of information.

I grew closer to his family, frequently babysitting, Meredith and Nathaniel, taking them to movies and impromptu swimming and dinner gatherings at their house (I feel at home in their kitchen hanging around the island helping prepare food and discuss work or what ever). Cary extended us an open invitation to swim at their house any time during the summer. I wish I had not been so busy and accepted the offer more times.

My husband and I married on July 5th, which is Cary & Ellen's wedding anniversary. The wedding was in the evening, so Cary was unable to attend. While Bruce & I were eating, Meredith and Nathaniel came over to our table to visit us. We told them we were glad they were there. Nathaniel replied back to Bruce, that he was glad Bruce was there too! Later on August 10th, (Meredith's 10th Birthday) I relayed the story to Ellen and Cary. Cary had a good laugh. It was great to see him laughing. We discussed Microsoft's investment with Macintosh. Carey expressed that Microsoft is really not that big. If they were to shut down, the computer world would survive. He pointed out that however if the phone companies were to shut down, we would be in a lot of trouble.

I remember once he told me that Nathaniel wouldn't really be affected by standing too close to the TV, and explained why, without letting on his involvement with PBS. I don't think I knew about that until I read his obituaries. I probably did watch some of his clips from Sesame Street though.

I knew Cary mostly as a father to Meredith and Nathaniel.

Meredith and Nathaniel, over the past eight years I have watched you grow up. You are so creative and intelligent. You are even fairly well behaved. Your father was a wonderful man and a wonderful father. He will live on through you. Bruce and I are honored to have known him. If you ever need to talk to someone, we are here for you. If you ever need to go somewhere to burn off steam and not drive Ellen nuts, we are here for that too.

Love, Deb