Cary Lu

Margaret Woisard[hidden]

Cary Lu and I worked at High Technology until it folded, and I saw Cary and Ellen Chu and their young daughter a couple years later when he was still writing for Inc., but lost contact (my own fault).

There's so much to remember about Cary even from my humble connection -- I just really smile when I think of his incredible mind, wit, and generosity. I remember when Cary had the first macintosh sitting on his desk (and the attention that caused in the office), and of course, he went on to write the MAC book; his reflections on his trip to China; his work on Nova at WGBH, his apartment FULL of technological gadgets, etc. etc., etc.

One memory that just popped into my mind about Cary was the zeal in which he described the serene canoe trips he took on the lake near his home in Washington. You don't have to be told about his unbounding energy and great sense of humor, but I'll mention that anyway. I saw the joy Cary had exploring technological breakthroughs and life's adventures, and now it seems perfectly fitting that his beautiful spirit be kept alive on the Web page. A great man and a great honor.