Cary Lu

Sandie Carignan[hidden]

Dear Ellen, Meredith and Nathaniel,

I had only known Cary a short time. I work for Dr. Bouma and cleaned Cary's teeth about 4 months ago. I have also seen the rest of you at various times in my 4 years with Dr. Bouma's office. I was truly saddened to learn of Cary's cancer and his prognosis. He shared with us openly about his pain and the deeper pain of possibly not being able to see his children grow up. He was a sensitive, humble and kind man that I will never forget. He deeply loved his family, all of you. You have been blessed to have a husband/father of such great love. I pray for your comfort at this time and the future as you remember him and his love for you.

Sincerely, Sandie Carignan