Cary Lu

Rod Bauer[hidden]

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of Cary Lu.

I first met Cary in 1983 when I was public relations manager for Microsoft and working with Apple on the launch of the Macintosh. Cary was covering the launch and working on his Macintosh book.

Though I never came to know him well, I liked him from the start. Cary impressed me with the lack of cant and pretense he brought to his jobs of journalist and author. He didn't try to impress me with how much he knew, though he obviously knew a lot about the Mac and the computer business. Beyond that there was a depth to him that's rare to find in high tech.

I ran into him a number of times in the years after that, sometimes on planes to or from some computer industry event; sometimes we had lunch on a trade show floor. We talked about what was going on in the industry and he was always interested to hear what I was doing, either in the computer business or elsewhere.

I'm sure he touched a lot of people the way he touched me. I know I'm sorry I won't be able to look forward to talking to him again.