Cary Lu

Andrew Donovan[hidden]

I first read articles by Cary Lu in Macworld magazine. Most articles on technology read like a press release, but after reading any of Cary's articles I felt that I really understood the subject. He was so clear, thorough, and knowledgeable. His one article on the Powerbook 5300 taught me more about my computer than anything else I've read since from Apple or any other source.

I frequently read posts he'd made to the powerbook newsgroup answering a question or clarifying an issue that was being talked about. I felt it was very generous of him to take the time and to care enough to post those messages, and it added some real knowledge and information to what is usually rumor and speculation.

I always looked for Cary Lu articles, because I knew I would learn a lot. I will miss that very much. And after reading his obituary and learning of all the other parts of who he was, I will miss his presence even more. My prayers are with him.