Cary Lu

Malcolm H. Teas[hidden]

I bought Cary's first book about the Macintosh when I was still in college back in 1984. Based largely on what that book kindled in me, I went to work for Apple several years later. After I left Apple I started my own software development company to work on MacOS software.

Cary didn't just write a book, he helped found a career for me.

I came to watch for those too-infrequent sightings of Cary or his writings. I was never disappointed to be able to read or hear his new thoughts.

He was one of those people on a short list of those who I'd have been delighted to meet one day.

It's a bright sunny and pleasant day without a cloud in the sky here in Austin TX. At least it was. Now that I've just found out about Cary's passing, the world's become darker for me and for many others.

Please pass my condolences to Cary Lu's family and friends.