Cary Lu

Tom Fox[hidden]

In my first days as a net newbie (and someone who was, at the time, pretty much a Mac newbie) I cc'd an email to him that was sent to a vendor that was giving crummy support. A SCSI problem, I seem to remember. I was trying to get the right cabling to plug a SCSI 2 Device to a PowerBook. The only reason that I cc'd CL was to put pressure on the vendors (remember that I was a newbie) and, as the son of a journo, have always known the power of the press.

Evidently, I had underestimated it. Within less than half an hour, Cary Lu, had sent a response, answering all my questions, giving me phone numbers of the right places to get the right parts. I was now hooked on the 'net (the idea that such a person would even respond still amazes me) and a dedicated apple fan. The vendor (no longer in the Mac market) was eternally silent.

For me Cary Lu, whose mind I blipped across in early 1995, will symbolise the accessibily of people via the Internet.