Actual Consulting

Actual Consulting Privacy Statement

Actual Consulting understands the importance of online privacy and actively works to protect the privacy of both direct users and customer/subscriber information of our clients. This document outlines our online information practices in this document so you know how we collect information via this site and associated online services.

Web sites

Actual Consulting records information about how users access our Web sites and customer Web sites we host. This information includes the IP address of the computer or gateway you're using to connect to the site, and may include the DNS name associated with it. We also record information about the Web browsing software you're using. Unless the IP address or DNS is somehow highly specific, this connection information cannot be used to identify particular visitors to the sites. No sites hosted by Actual Consulting currently use HTTP cookies, tracking graphics (so-called "Web bugs"), third-party analytics services, or other tracking technologies to monitor users' sessions.

Actual Consulting may occasionally gather aggregate information about Web site usage to better understand the content visitors access and (indirectly) their interest in specific pages, files, or other items. This information is not disclosed to third parties.

Private staging and test sites maintained or developed by Actual Consulting for clients may diverge from these policies in accordance with a client's needs or specifications. These sites are accessible only to Actual Consulting, clients, and their partners, and are not available to the general public. Any publicly-accessible sites hosted on Actual Consulting systems that diverge from these policies will contain their own privacy statements superceding this general privacy policy.

Third party services

Sites hosted by Actual Consulting may utilize third party services to offer advertisements, social networking, or other services to site visitors. Those services will also receive a vistor's IP address and browser information—this information is provided to the third party directly by a user's browser, not by Actual Consulting. These services may try to set cookies or associate users with known identities on accounts on other services. We assume no responsibility for the privacy practices of these services, and strongly discourage their use on Actual Consulting servers for anything but private site development and testing.

External links

Sites hosted at Actual Consulting contain numerous links to other network sites. We cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of other organizations or the content of external Web sites.

Subscription lists & email addresses

Actual Consulting holds the names and email address of subscribers to a number of mailing lists that it operates directly and on behalf of clients. At a minimum, these mailing lists require a valid email address; we will usually ask for a name to associate with the address, since it can simplify sorting out any future subscription problems. Providing a name with an email subscription is always optional.

Mailing lists are held in the strictest confidence, and we will not disclose specific subscriber information under any circumstances unless required by law. Subscriber databases can only be accessed by authorized personnel and are well-secured against misuse, tampering, or misappropriation (electronic or otherwise).

Double opt-in

Mailing lists hosted by Actual Consulting are always double opt-in; that is, when we receive a subscription request from an email address we will send a notice asking that user to confirm the subscription request. Subscriptions are only created when a would-be subscriber responds affirmatively to a subscription confirmation.

List sharing

Actual Consulting does not share subscriber lists with partners, advertisers, or other third parties. Mailing list clients may request their mailing lists at any time; we cannot assume responsibility for how lists are managed outside our care.

List removal

Subscribers to any mailing list hosted by Actual Consulting may unsubscribe at any time using instructions in every message, or by contacting Actual Consulting directly at listmaster (at) or via Actual Consulting's Web site. Please specify the list(s) from which you'd like to be removed. We also require, at a minimum, all mailing list customers provide unsubscribe information on their respective Web sites.

Transactions & billing information

Actual Consulting does not collect billing information via its Web site, or engage in e-commerce through the domain or any sites hosted on our directly-managed servers or IP addresses. None of our services ask users for billing or financial information.


Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns about this privacy policy.